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From investment firms to marketing companies, the number of corporate office buildings across Massachusetts is abundant. Your facility is constantly in use, and with this utilization comes dirt and grime. Regardless of how clean the building is kept, office cleaning services will be necessary on a regular basis to ensure a sanitary, shiny result that is sure to impress your guests as well as your employees. Based on your facility’s size, the logistical challenges associated with corporate office cleaning can make finding the ideal janitorial company a hard task. Super Serv is proud to be a top source for commercial cleaning services in Boston, servicing a wide range of businesses with the top training techniques and technology in the industry.

Our cleaning services can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs and budget. We understand that every business is different, and our experienced team can help to overcome any challenges presented by your corporate office.

Cleaning Solutions for Every Space

Having a comprehensive approach to office cleaning services is the best way to ensure success day-in and day-out. Our team of professional cleaners is here to deliver customized solutions to best match your facility’s unique needs and budget. As the property manager, it’s important to find a cleaning company that has the technology and training needed to deliver results that aim to optimize operational efficiencies as well as cleaning the building from top to bottom.

Our janitorial services should be seen as an investment, where your money spent will yield a much higher return. While many individuals worry about the cost of cleaning their corporate office, the Super Serv team looks at this price tag as the cost of improving business. Failing to hire a superior janitorial company can result in more than just aesthetic issues. Employee health will begin to wane, and customers may be disenfranchised by your business after seeing how clean the facility is kept. Our professional cleaners strive to deliver the most productivity possible for your dollar, maintaining a comprehensive cleaning plan that takes care of every space in need. A few areas of a standard corporate office building that will require extensive attention includes:

Lobbies and Common Areas

The lobby in your building may serve as a quality place for customers and guests to wait in until retrieved. Your lobby may also just be a common area for employees to socialize in. In either case, it’s important to keep the areas sparkling clean to promote positive health practices and make sterling first impressions. As we have said, first impressions can make or break any business deal, and having your customers arrive in a lobby that is disheveled and grimy can have a majorly negative impact on our company’s image.

Common areas tend to harbor large amounts of germs and clutter. Our commercial cleaners can help to tailor a cleaning plan that focuses on the unique aspects of your lobby, working diligently to maintain a spotless facility every time you step foot in the building. At a minimum, our top-notch janitors will:

Clean and disinfect all affected surfaces. From door handles to the furniture in your lobby, it’s important to fully clean objects such as windows to maintain a healthy, spot-free appearance.
Remove trash and debris. Common areas tend to accumulate a lot of clutter. Our Boston cleaning company will work hard to keep your lobby clean and clear from any debris, eliminating hazards as well as aesthetic problems.
Secure the facility. As the entrance to your building, the lobby represents a large access point for unauthorized entry. Our professional cleaners are consistent in their habit of locking all of the necessary doors to keep your facility secure.


Conference Rooms

These rooms are often designated for high-priority tasks and meetings, making every conference room an important part of the work day. Keeping these spaces optimally clean can be a challenge, but one that our cleaning crew can handle. Conference rooms must be sparkling clean for your clients, as they represent your company and how serious you are about your business. Bringing important individuals into a room that is dirty and unkempt will do far more damage than many facility managers realize. Our professional janitors will develop a cleaning plan that optimizes your conference rooms so that you are left with sparkling spaces and peace of mind.

Break Rooms

One critical area of your building that often requires the most commercial cleaning services is the break room. This area is where all of your employees congregate to cook, eat, and rest. The end result is a room that holds a large amount of germs and contaminants. The possibility of spreading germs is too high to ignore. From an aesthetic standpoint, having a break room that is overrun with grime and dirty dishes can have a major impact on employee morale. Some aspects of our commercial cleaning plan include:

  • Sanitizing hotspot areas for germs, including handles and counters.
  • Cleaning appliances to keep sickness and allergic reactions to a minimum.
  • Wiping down chairs tables, and other surfaces.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the sink and dishwasher if applicable.
  • Stocking up on paper towels and other consumables.


restroomKeeping your restroom facilities clean is an essential part of facility management. Even if the rest of your building is spotless, a dirty bathroom can be the deciding factor in how guests and customers feel about the entire facility. Restroom cleaning is essential, as failing to maintain cleanliness can hurt your business in terms of:

Aesthetics. Nobody likes a dirty bathroom, and if your facilities are filthy, both employee and guest morale can suffer. Workers who do not feel comfortable in their provided restroom will be less likely to produce optimal results, and guests who leave the facility have a lasting impression of that dirty bathroom.
Health concerns. We cannot stress enough the health impacts of having a clean restroom. Nobody likes using a dirty bathroom, especially if it ends up making them ill!

Finding a janitorial company that has the skills and technology to optimize your facility’s cleaning operations can be a challenge, but the Super Serv team is here to help! Your corporate office is a symbol of productive business operations, and hiring a cleaning company who cares will help to streamline facility efficiency with little interruption.


The Super Serv Advantage for your Corporate Office

While most cleaning companies can claim to do a proper job of cleaning your facility, Super Serv strives to go above and beyond the industry standard. Our corporate cleaning services aim to provide an all-in-one source for all of your facility’s needs. By focusing on training the best personnel with the best technology, we are able to reduce operating costs and provide a better overall product for our customers. When you sign on with our cleaning company, you can expect great results from our:


Cleaning your facility is important, but doing so in a manner that doesn’t impede daily operations is essential. The Super Serv team will work with you to schedule our janitorial services in a way that perfectly meets your busy schedule. If a special task is needed, our team will work hard to complete the job in a timely manner to keep everything on time.


Being able to talk to your cleaning service provider can be a challenge, especially if you have special requests or concerns. Super Serv’s unique program allows for unsurpassed communication between customers and supervisors. Your assigned facility manager will be the single point of contact, providing solutions for any and all needs your facility has. By maintaining one point of contact, our cleaning company helps to avoid costly mixups in addition to negating the stress of managing multiple building maintenance projects.

Reliability and Consistency

Chances are that you are reading this page because your current janitorial company is failing to provide reliable results. When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you expect them to hold up their end of the agreement. Over the months, their results may begin to wane or diminish. It’s essential for corporate offices to find a team of cleaners that they can rely on each and every week. By focusing on employee quality, technology, and innovation, Super Serv is able to deliver consistent cleaning services that are sure to make your facility shine.


Finding a single source for all of your facility needs can help to improve efficiency and minimize waste. Super Serv is here to provide a comprehensive array of cleaning services to ensure that you are never in need of additional support. From the parking lot to the rooftop, your building will be kept optimally clean. Our cleaning experts specialize in a variety of janitorial services, including minor repairs and professional painting. Being able to outsource all of your needs with one entity should prove to be a smart business choice!

Regardless of your office’s size and complexity, our commercial cleaning team is here to get the job done. From specialty services such as painting and lawn care to routine maintenance procedures, Super Serv is ready to be your go-to cleaning company in Boston. Be sure to contact us today for a site visit and a comprehensive quote!