24/7 Disaster Response

Our 24/7 emergency water damage recovery service is known for its reliability and comprehensiveness. Because it is important to start the recovery service as fast as possible, our average emergency response time is slightly above one hour. Upon arriving on site, our mission is to help you deal with even the most devastating flood and water damage quickly and efficiently. We quickly assess the situation with a focus on minimizing the impact of water damage. We’ll work hard to prevent further complications, such as mold and odor, from festering and destroying your property. We are a leader in the industry and a top choice of most major insurance companies in Boston.

Our core objective is mitigation. Above all, our mandate is to minimize water damage to your property and, as a result, reduce restoration costs. Bad practices in the industry include not focusing on prevention of damage in order maximize profit by increasing the need for restorations and renovations of the property. That is the SUPER SERV difference, as our aim is to minimize costs. Our cleaning company provides comprehensive restoration and cleaning services to optimize your operations. From hospitals to corporate offices, Super Serv’s professional cleaners will work hard to exceed your expectations. Call now help is just a phone call away.