Tips To Improve Workplace Health With Your Office Cleaning Pros


As flu season comes into full swing, many office buildings are struggling to keep their employees happy, healthy, and productive. Combining a large number of people into a shared space for 40-plus hours a week creates a major logistical dilemma for property managers and company leaders. There are many reasons why you should focus on employee health, including worker happiness and company-wide productivity. It falls on you to ensure that everyone stays as healthy as possible through cold and flu season, which we know is no easy task. Super Serv is here to serve as your local cleaning company for office buildings, medical complexes, and more. We offer complete office cleaning to Boston businesses and beyond, delivering reliable results that aim to keep your facility sparkling clean and sanitary.

While our comprehensive office cleaning services are ideal for disinfecting your workplace, it’s important to know that we won’t be on the premises on a daily basis. That is why today’s blog will focus on simple tasks that may improve your workplace health. If you are in need of a quality cleaning services company, be sure to reach out to Super Serv for a speedy quote today!

Encourage Proper Handwashing Techniques

Common knowledge states that washing your hands is one of the best lines of defense against illness in society, yet many people fail to properly lather their hands on a regular basis. Your employees may each have their own unique method, each with varying degrees of success in negating the spread of germs. Simply put, individuals can benefit from a full 30 seconds of thorough handwashing procedures. Doing so will help to minimize the amount of harmful agents on your hands, which is very helpful when you consider how often people unconsciously touch their face throughout the day. Instructing employees to avoid rubbing their eyes can be a real challenge, so we recommend focusing on the implementation of quality washing techniques.

Reducing the germs on everyone’s hands will have a larger effect on the entire building. With more consistent washing practices, there will simply be less germs to worry about on handrails, door handles, and so on. The spreading of noxious agents will be reduced, minimizing the rate of illness in your facility.

Supply Sanitary Wipes

Whether from a company-wide standpoint or an individual point of view, it can prove very beneficial for businesses to invest in alcohol wipes. This advice builds on the previous section and focuses on the process of eliminating germs in high-traffic areas or personal devices. Every part of your building, from the stapler in the printing room to the light switches at the entrance, has the potential to harbor illness-causing agents. The heavy use of your office areas will likely result in high numbers of germs, dramatically increasing the chances of your employees becoming sick. It can prove helpful to promote the use of sanitizing wipes, giving workers the ability to sanitize their own space. This approach, when done correctly, can prove very beneficial in killing off germs in high-traffic areas. Our professional cleaners can work with you to develop an effective sanitation plan.


Quarantine Sick Employees

Once someone in the office gets sick, other individuals seem to fall like dominoes. The quarantine approach can prove to be a very effective practice in avoiding a vicious wave of illness for your building’s inhabitants. Be sure to educate employees on the signs of sickness and encourage individuals to take sick time off if they are feeling under the weather. We understand that it can be hard to let your workforce rest, especially when you have a deadline to meet. If everyone falls ill, though, you may not come anywhere close to the deadline! It can help to promote an atmosphere of health-first ideas, encouraging employees to prioritize their health as well as everyone else’s over the task at hand.

Promoting Healthy Practices

Outside of direct actions to combat illnesses in the office, you can also emphasize a focus on healthy living habits for your employees. This preemptive approach focuses on boosting the individual’s immune system, which will consequently boost their defense against incoming germs. Companies that have invested the time and effort into health initiatives often see a decrease in sick time taken throughout the year. Be sure to focus on the basics of good health, including:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating healthy food options

By focusing on a wholesome health approach, you can rest easy knowing that your company has taken steps toward optimal health. Not only will doing this boost the defenses that your building has against illness, it will also promote a lifetime of healthy living.

Your business may become a hotspot for sickness during flu season, disrupting daily operations and hampering your progress. Providing health-conscious steps to minimize the transference of germs is one productive way to improve the company’s overall health. Finding a quality cleaning services company is another approach that can provide major benefits to your facility. If you’re in need of comprehensive office cleaning in the Boston area, be sure to reach out to the Super Serv team. Our unmatched approach to commercial cleaning services help to make us a top provider in the area. Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning company or to receive a quote for your building!