Office Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Space Clean Between Cleaning Services

officespace_1Your facility is at the center of efficiency and productivity. While all of your employees are hard at work, the level of clutter and scrap that accumulates can create its own unique challenges. Finding a quality cleaning company can prove very beneficial in the fight against dirt and debris buildups, delivering a shiny workspace for you and your employees to thrive in. Super Serv is your source for the best office cleaning in Boston, Quincy, and beyond. While our professional cleaners are here at all hours to ensure that your building is spic and span, we understand that not all facilities have hired a comprehensive crew for cleanliness. Today, we’ll look at a few tips that you and your team can utilize to minimize the mess in between commercial office cleaning services. Hopefully, these small tasks can aide in reducing the stress and inconvenience of harboring too much clutter. When you’re ready for professional help, be sure to reach out to Super Serv for assistance!

Cleaning Electronics

Modern technology has made its way into every office building, and those who spend plenty of time at their computers tend to generate a lot of bacteria. From the constant contact of your fingers (and oils) on the keyboard to the lunch that was quickly devoured at your spot, the desk represents a hotspot of germs and dirt. It’s helpful to focus on cleaning your electronics to ensure a cleanly work area as well as an improved zone of health. Stopping at your local office supply store can prove to be very efficient when you pick up dusting agents and specialized wipes. This simple activity can improve the sanitation of your office and possibly mitigate some of the germ warfare that can threaten employee health.

Focusing on Hotspots

Regardless of the size or scope of your business, several common locations in the office represent a major stopping point for germs and bacteria. Even if your team is too busy to perform their own office cleaning tasks, it can pay off to focus on these areas in order to minimize the chances of spreading disease and illness. A study that measured the accumulation of bacteria and viruses found that hotspots such as sink faucet handles and keyboards harbored the most organic materials. Basically, the common surfaces that people touch most represent the largest hazard for spreading germs. Unlike restrooms, which are heavily focused on for cleanliness, areas such as the break room received inadequate attention. If your office is overboard with work, look to sanitize door handles, microwave handles, banisters, keyboards, and water fountains for the best results. When you are ready for assistance, our cleaning company aims to deliver a complete job of scrubbing down your building.


Clearing as You Work

The accumulation of clutter that can pile up during a regular workday is astounding. Instead of letting those papers stack up, Super Serv suggests cleaning and organizing as you go. While it can be difficult to take time out of your grind to file away papers and clear the myriad of debris adorning your desk, it is a very wise investment. One approach we’ve heard of that has had success in the past is the process of upgrading and organizing your filing system. This way, your mountain of paperwork doesn’t pile up and grow into a future headache waiting to happen. Additionally, you can focus on enforcing the value of cleaning in between tasks to minimize the buildup. When each employee puts in a little more effort, the combined effect can result in a clean, tidy office.

Performing Walkthroughs

One novel approach that may prove to be more effective than any other tactic is to walk through the building as if you’ve never set foot on the property. Simply walk in, look around, and take note of any areas that need cleaning attention. Appearance is a major part of most businesses, and taking the time to minimize clutter on a walkthrough can prove to be entirely beneficial.

When it comes to keeping your office spotless in between your scheduled cleaning times, the task can prove to be very challenging. However, the benefits of investing your time into sanitation maintenance can end up making a major difference in the overall appearance and cleanliness of your company. Any business in need of office cleaning in Boston can benefit from working with Super Serv. Our cleaning services company strives to utilize the best training and technology to ensure that we deliver an unbeatable result every time. Contact us today to learn more!