Looking At Janitorial Services As An Investment Instead Of An Expense Part 1

janitorialservices1You must spend money to make money. While the Roman playwright who coined this term is correct, modern society often misconstrues the meaning and value behind the verbiage. Many business owners and property managers are always looking for opportunities to streamline their operations in order to save money on their regular operations. Unfortunately, numerous members of this group fail to see the true value of quality commercial janitorial services. Super Serv is proud to provide the best janitorial services to Boston, Cambridge, Brighton, and beyond. By focusing on the best training and operations to create the best cleaning company personnel, we are raising the bar for how commercial cleaning should be done. Super Serv’s modern technology and innovative approach helps us to streamline your operations, providing you with a clean facility while saving money. Today, we’ll look at the value behind our cleaning quality and why you should view our janitorial cleaning services as an investment instead of an expense. When you’re ready to receive a speedy quote on our work, be sure to contact us today!

Balancing the Budget

Many facility managers face the challenge of doing more with less, stretching resources with a smaller budget while trying to cover inflating expenses. The stress of this balancing act can cause many managers to convert to conservation mode, cutting costs as much as possible. Unfortunately, many people view cleaning services as an area that can sustain budget cuts. When you scale back your commercial cleaning, you may actually be losing money. Our top-notch team is here to provide logistical support in addition to our janitorial services. Below are a few areas in which we can help you find optimal facility solutions to keep your building running cleanly and under budget!

Bringing In-House Specialty Services

Many building managers have to juggle multiple companies to cover all of their facility’s needs. Super Serv is proud to offer expanded services to ensure that any and all requirements that arise in your structure are taken care of quickly and effectively. If an area in your building requires small repairs, your Super Serv agent will be the go-to point of contact for quick results. Do those grubby walls need a fresh coat of paint? Our experienced technicians have the skills and steady hands to provide optimal results that are sure to impress guests and personnel. Do those floors require refinishing? We can do that as well. Our single contact approach simplifies the process of managing several projects and gives you one number to take care of everything. Juggling multiple tasks via numerous companies can create a lot of inefficient, costly scenarios. Our janitorial experts can help you develop a care plan that optimizes this process, saving money as a result.


Creating a Customized Cleaning Plan

Every facility is different, and offering a one-size-fits-all service doesn’t benefit anyone involved in the process. One way to reduce costs is to audit your building and calculate which rooms require more janitorial services and which ones can skip a few days of attention without compromising the overall cleanliness of your facility. For example, if you originally had an area that was cleaned daily, you were assumably charged for every day of cleaning in that calendar year. If this particular room can be cleaned less often, say every other day, mathematics dictate that you will be cutting your cleaning bill for this room in half. When you add up the total reductions in this hypothetical care plan, the savings can end up making a major difference!

The tactical approach to cleaning only what is needed while still promoting a perfectly clean facility is what we strive for here at Super Serv. When possible, the scope of our cleaning services can be amended as well to meet your budget and unique facility needs. While high-traffic areas may require frequent dusting and vacuuming, the copy room may be used less and therefore require less intensive attention. Beyond changing the servicing schedule for your different areas of the building, we can also craft a task-specific schedule that only utilizes certain activities when needed. Saving in small amounts can save you big by year’s end!

Finding ways to save on facility costs can prove to be very beneficial for both your career and the company’s financial health. Next time, we’ll look at a few more key areas in which our janitorial services in Boston can help to reduce costs while increasing efficiency. Those that are looking for a top-notch cleaning company in Massachusetts will be satisfied when they reach out to Super Serv. Our focus on employee happiness and quality helps to create a better approach to commercial cleaning, as well as optimizing costs for both us and our clients. When you want the best, don’t expect to pay the most! Super Serv is here to be your one-stop shop for all cleaning needs. Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning company or to receive a service quote for your facility!