Is Your Cleaning Company’s High Turnover Rate Hurting Your Bottom Line?


Across the janitorial industry, employee turnover seems to be a regular occurence. Boston businesses regularly deal with commercial cleaning companies that seem to have a new face in the building every other week. This event may not affect you personally, but its negative consequences may be costing your business a lot of money!

High turnover rates within your building’s cleaning company can create a number of concerns, all of which directly affect your company’s operations and bottom line. As a provider of quality commercial cleaning to Boston businesses, Super Serv is proud to provide honesty and reliability to your company. Over the last decade, we’ve focused on honing our operations to provide comprehensive cleaning services that work to streamline your operations instead of interrupting them. From medical complex needs to corporate office cleaning services, we do it all. Our emphasis on quality employee training and care ensures that our turnover rate is among the lowest in the country, providing you with a consistent result week-in and week-out.

Today, we’ll look at a few potential setbacks that can affect the safety and efficiency of your business. When done, be sure to reach out to our professional cleaners to see the Super Serv difference!

Security Concerns

Keeping your facility safe and secure is a top priority. Hiring a local cleaning company to tidy up means you will have to give relative strangers complete access to your building. It’s essential to know who you are giving this access to, including the subsidiaries of that individual or company. Cleaning companies that do not hold a stringent hiring process may employ individuals that do not meet the  safety and security requirements of your building. Allowing entry places a lot of trust in your team of professional cleaners, as they can access valuable data such as client information, employee possessions, and any equipment on the premises.

Trust is the name of the game, and giving full access to a cleaning company that is constantly seeking out new hires to fill vacancies can raise the risk of security problems occuring. Super Serv is proud to hold the highest standard for employment in the commercial cleaning industry. From intensive background checks to continual training to ensure code compliance, our janitors undergo constant evaluation to ensure that our clients can rest easy at night knowing that a quality cleaner is in their building.

Quality Issues

‘Consistency’ and ‘reliability’ are the key terms when it comes to offering quality cleaning services to Boston businesses. However, if your local cleaning crew is constantly ailing from employee turnover, the level of quality can change greatly on a weekly basis. As a property manager, you have taken the time to budget for and hire a quality cleaning company. The hours of effort and high price tag should equate to consistent cleaning quality each and every time.


Companies that are constantly hiring and training new blood will simply not be able to achieve a consistently high level of quality with their janitorial services. It takes a lot to effectively oversee and clean commercial properties, and crews that are in a constant state of flux may miss several minor details. If you are reading this blog because you care considering hiring a new cleaning company for your building’s needs, it’s a safe bet to say that the reliability of your current crew is the cause!

Increasing Costs

One of the biggest reasons why Boston businesses change their commercial cleaners is because of cost, and outfits with high turnover rates are sure to increase their costs to make up for their employment problems. Your choice cleaning company will offer rates based on a wide range of factors, including overhead costs and supply needs. Every aspect of the company that costs money will need to be paid for through cleaning services for you as the customer. If a local company is constantly placing ads and interviewing potential employees, the end costs will end up coming out of your budget. Conducting interviews, ordering background checks, and training new hires all cost money, and these expenditures are not even involved with the actual cleaning process!

In the long run, it often pays to invest in a commercial cleaning company that holds a solid track record for minimal employee turnover. Super Serv, for example, relies on teams of highly trained and motivated individuals across Cambridge, Quincy, and beyond. Our staff are in sync for company goals and expectations, keeping our training and upkeep costs at a constant low. In return, our cleaning company is able to pass these savings onto you with our amazing rates.

Your current cleaners may struggle with one or more of these issues, and a high rate of turnover can often be to blame. Businesses in need of quality commercial cleaning in Boston can benefit from finding a cleaning company that focuses on minimizing turnover, minimizing security concerns, inconsistent results, and lowering service costs. Super Serv is here to do just that! Our passion for high employee satisfaction and modern technological practices make sure that you are happy with the results every single time. Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning services!